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French 2
Instructor: Ms. Pankow   
Unit 2: the rooms of the house
Please check the files for a ppt about the rooms of the house
Bonjour et bienvenue dans la classe
Please check out the various files containing ppts and links for the differnt units throughout the year.
For review, check out the French 1 page :)
Passe compose

I have downloaded a nice little video about the passé compose.  Check it out :) 

Make-up quizzes
As you know, you may make-up (or retake most) quizzes as long as you check with me to make sure that I will be there, at lunch or after school.  I will do my best to accommodate you.  When you retake a quiz, you may expect some slight changes from the original quiz, but the content will always fall within the guidelines of my learning requirements for that particular week.

I am not responsible for reminding you to make-up a quiz if you have been absent.  The "EXT" (extended) term used in the grade book will turn into a 0 on the Friday after the initial date of the quiz.  That usually gives you a full week.

quantity, shopping for food, see files
Les fruits
Ppt in files

Au supermarche
Review: Ppt in file

How to describe a house/ apartment
Comment decrire une maison ou un appartement: view file (attachment)

Bienvenue et bonjour! I finally have a French 2 site!!!


Discussion Topics
 How to describe a house_apartment_ modele.docx
How to describe a house or an apartment- Model
 2-Problemes de la maison- Ppt.pptx
Ppt: Problems in the house/ showing the house/ descriptive vocabulary
 2-Quel appétit!.pptx
Au supermarché: quel appetit!
 2-vocab food-shopping.doc
vocab- food shopping
 2-verbs s1 and2 - Copy.docx
Important verbs in the present tense (with their past participle to be used in the passé compose).
 2-passec_avoir et etre.mp4
passé compose, with avoir or etre?
 avoir expressions.notebook
Expressions avec "avoir"
 01 chez le medecin texte et voix.ppt
At the doctor's office: j'ai mal
 2-les vetements.ppt
Clothes -vocabulary
rooms of a house- vocab
No "Homework" exist(s)

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